Methodology Consulting

Intilop’s Methodology is geared towards minimizing verification cycles and costly design respins. Whether designs are targeted towards complex SoC, ASIC, FPGA-SoC or a smaller FPGA, the right methodology is critical to the ultimate success of the project. They can assess the project’s need from several perspectives ranging from Specifications, through architecture, through, micro-architecture through various verification stages all the way up to full system/software validation and recommend an appropriate methodology. In order for our customers to realize a greater cost savings in an already expensive ASIC/SoC project, a significant value-add to customers is the identification and recommendation of the right methodology, tasks and tools particularly required for the project which are essential, pragmatic, proven and cost effective. During a development/verification project, they can stay involve at the execution level as team member, consultant, project manager/coordinator or any role that adds value to our customers.


Customers can count on intilop’s extensive experience in:

  • Hardware and Software specifications development
  • Hardware and software module/bock level Spec development
  • Identification and recommendation of state of the art and cost effective tools suite
  • Creation and setup of verification environment.
  • Co-design of hardware and Software to work in parallel
  • Hardware/software co-verification.
  • Seamless hardware/software co-verification and analysis
  • Development and creation of virtual functional prototypes described in C, Perl, RTL or mixed C/Perl/RTL models of various types in early stages.
  • Automated optimization of all verification/tests through out

Customer Testimonial

"Ixia has set out to be the world's leading wireless all-in-one hand held device company and intilop has helped us to achieve a faster time-to-market at a lower total cost than hiring a full in-house engineering team. They have a wide breadth of design capabilities, sound methodologies, and great relationships with our other key vendors. Intilop has taken the pain out of new product development and introduction."
- Dan Conally, VP engineering