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At Intilop Corporation, we enjoy solving unique and challenging problems. Whatever the engineering challenges facing your organization, Intilop Corporation' team of highly skilled and talented professionals can help you meet them. Intilop Corporation offers a high value leading edge portfolio of Firmware and Software development services for small medium and large organizations in a broad spectrum of market segments that include:
  • Network Infrastructure systems
  • Network Security systems
  • Network Management systems
  • Wi-Fi security implementation to secure communication between wireless clients and the wired LAN
  • Proprietary VPN implementation
  • Windows NDIS driver implementation for IP packet modification, encryption and decryption (3DES)
  • Security key generation and management
  • Enforcement of bandwidth utilization limits on mobile clients
  • Network monitoring through network management systems
  • Protocol analyzer tools to detect potentially malicious behavior for a vast array of LAN protocols including proprietary protocols in Linux and UNIX nodes and commonly used enterprise products
  • Data Storage, SAN, NAS system vendors
  • Telecommunication and Wireless Networking Equipment vendors
  • ISPs, LECs, CLECs etc.

Following is a synopsis of Intilop’s domain of expertise:
  • Embedded systems development, device drivers, kernel level programming
  • RTOS development for custom Processor or Enterprise embedded systems
  • Network programming: TCP/IP, protocol implementation, VPN implementation
  • Telephony applications: pre-paid applications, VoIP applications, computer-telephony integration
  • Network /element management systems, SNMP agent and manager development, MIB design
  • Programming for handheld devices: mobile phones, PDAs including network programming and application development
  • Billing, service provisioning and activation systems
  • Geographic Information Systems, NMS-GIS integration
  • Workflow based business process automation
  • Order management and order fulfillment
  • Trouble ticketing and help desk systems
  • Data warehousing, Business Intelligence and OLAP solutions
  • Advanced configuration applications utilizing AI techniques
  • Data modeling, data management
  • Object-oriented design and programming
  • OS and language porting
  • Systems integration
  • System testing and QA


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