Imagine : what you can do with this much power and flexibility of this game changing technology? ...Just bring your Application....

Key Advantages

  • Full TCP & UDP offload NIC for Cloud Computing servers, Data centers, Big Data and all other networked super computing servers. Ultra Low latency & lean Linux driver included. No Driver tuning or OS tuning required. Pure Hardware Acceleration.
  • 4/16/32/64/128/256. Wire to host latency less than 1 us. Short packets.
  • Multiple Local IP addresses: 1/4/16/32/64/128. Complete Kernel Bypass or with lean Kernel interface.
  • free up your CPU completely to run your applications rather than run networking protocols!
  • use >93% of your network bandwidth versus 20% today!
  • do not need Load Balancing to distribute traffic to several servers! Because they are too slow!
  • distribute your application work load to multiple CPU cores rather than TCP/UDP protocol workload!
  • Save >75% of the power consumed by CPUs
  • Consolidate your servers, reduce network infrastructure cost, reduce CapEx and reduce power

Key Features

  • Ultra-Low latency and Ultra high bandwidth 10G Ethernet Adapter/NIC. Lowest Power
  • Complete TCP stack implementation in 77 ns. 1 - 256 or more concurrent TCP & UDP sessions deliver exact same sub 100 ns latency and > G Byte/s transfer rate per port. Dual 10G ports. 4 Ports available. Zero Jitter
  • Includes: Connection Setup, Full State offload, Full Large Send Offload, Full Checksum Offload, Full data transfer offload. Full Kernel Bypass. Optional Thin Linux Kernel Interface driver available. No CPU needed!
  • PCIe Gen 2 X 8. Gen3 available. Dual 10G SFP+ ports . Jumbo frames No-Interrupt Architecture. Up to 128 Virtual NICs Multiple DMA engines for high throughput.
  • Many MAC, IP and TCP filters available with Ultra low latency.
  • OS: RHEL, Ubuntu, SUSE.
Drivers :

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