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Intilop was founded in 2004 in San Jose, CA. It is one of the most respected IP developers and Engineering Design Services (EDS) firms in the Silicon Valley area.

Intilop started with a small amount of seed money and in its first three years expanded into a world-class silicon IP developer, silicon integrator, systems developer, total solutions provider and an Engineering Design Services company. Intilop’s key strength is implementation of innovative ideas in silicon that makes it stand out. Intilop’s Research and Development Engineering team comprises of engineers with advanced degrees including PhD in engineering and computer sciences. Intilop have a history of delivering innovative silicon and systems from concept, several times in the past few years.

Intilop Corporation is a pioneer in developing and providing ‘Customizable Silicon IP’ in the area of Networking, Network Security, data storage-SAN/NAS and embedded applications that allows customers to differentiate their products and make quick enhancements. Intilop and its customers have successfully implemented these in several ASICs, SOCs, FPGAs and full-scale systems.

The phenomenal growth enjoyed by Intilop was accomplished by providing extraordinary value to its customers in the areas of Network security, Network infrastructure, embedded systems, storage security, storage systems and consumer electronics. A key factor that fueled its fast growth has been repeat business from existing customers and growth in new customers.

In additional to Electronic Design Services, Intilop often takes responsibility from concept to volume manufacturing with the support of its partner network. Intilop's partner network is comprised of best-in-class services firms in disciplines such as ASIC, SOC, FPGA, high speed board design, Mechanical/Industrial design, PCB prototyping, Testing and Certification labs, and Contract Manufacturers.

Intilop's engineering staff is located in Santa Clara, California, and a subsidiary in Bangalore, India. Collectively, Intilop possesses centuries of engineering experience. Staff engineers, averaging over 20 years of experience, lead and implement the most technical aspects of the architecture and design.

Intilop’s record in delivering projects on time and on budget is highly commendable. It has consistently achieved project success and built client loyalty through:

These unique traits represent Intilop's fundamental strengths. Turning multi-million gate ASIC, SOC or FPGA projects and 26-layer, 40-Gbit complex board designs in a few months demonstrates not only its efficiency, but also the level of its commitment to meeting client objectives. Managing multi-phase projects that span years instead of weeks demonstrates our ability to successfully manage not only short cycle projects, but also comprehensive, long-term engagements.

Intilop has been endorsed as best-in-class by partners such as Motorola, Faraday-Technologies, TI, Xilinx, Altera, QuickLogic, Arrow Electronics, CAST-Inc, Synplicity, and Mentor.

Its client base includes such notable companies as General Dynamics, HP, Lucent, Rambus, Stretch, Fujitsu, Lockheed Martin, LeapFrog, Net Optics, Jungo, Philips, NEC, Hitachi, Innovasic, Palmchips, Sundance, Agilent, as well as other major commercial and defense companies in the Fortune 1000 list.
We look forward to counting you among our many satisfied and successful clients.

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