Warranty and Support

Intilop designs and markets industry leading, State-of-the-Art, Mega IP core products and FPGA boards that are intended to operate successfully within their performance parameters as described in their respective specifications. To achieve this standard of excellence, Intilop warrants its IP Core products and IP Core based FPGA boards, under warranty, will meet the standard of care for a period of 3 years after deployment. Intilop provides a three-year warranty against defects in the individual IP Cores and IPs ported on FPGA boards.A defect is any deviation in behavior from our published specifications. Intilop will fix or resolve any issue that is found by the customer and reported with the relevant details within the specified warranty period.

Intilop’s sole responsibility and purchaser’s exclusive remedy in the event of any functional nonconformity that is materially deviant, Intilop, at its sole discretion, shall fix or replace the IP core or IP ported to FPGA board with the same IP product family version which contains the remedy.

This Limited Warranty Does Not covers deviations from design specifications, that do not materially alter IP performance and/or functionality. Intilop Limited Warranty shall not cover any Third-Party product and service defects.

Support Programs:

A simplified table of support programs is listed below:

Purchasers’ Warranty OptionsStandard IP-Core BlockStandard IP Based FPGA BoardCustomized IP Based FPGA Board
Warranty (Free)30 days60 days90 days
Standard Tech support and
Warranty . (Annual renewal)
Response time=24 – 48 hoursResponse time=24 – 48 hoursResponse time=24 – 48 hours
Gold Tech support and
Warranty. (Annual renewal)
Response time=4 – 24 hoursResponse time=4 – 24 hoursResponse time=4 – 24 hours

Intilop has 3 support programs for each of the Product types;

a) The first is included in the cost of the product which covers defects and runs for 30 days.

b) There is also an additional annual maintenance and support contract that is purchased. This contract starts after the first 30 days have expired. When the annual standard tech support program is purchased, tThe purchased, the 30 day support starts immediately upon delivery and runs for 13 months. Thereafter, it is renewed every year. Response times are 24 – 48 hours.

c) When the annual Gold Support program is purchased, the 30 day support starts immediately upon delivery and runs for 13 months. Thereafter, it is renewed every year. Response times are 4 – 24 hours.

All updates made to the IP Core or IP cores ported to FPGA based boards will be made available to purchasers on active support program. The release notes or other appropriate description will be sent to customers under support.

Intilop will provide full email and telephone based technical support throughout the warranty period after delivery to resolve issues with any IP Core and/or IP based FPGA boards that is out of specs.

For Intilop IP based FPGA board, if within three months of installation, the board fails due to FPGA device experiencing a manufacturing defect or related FPGA software/tool issue, board must be returned to Intilop for analysis. In the event FPGA device is confirmed to be defective, Intilop will contact the FPGA device vendor to determine resolution or replacement from device vendor free of charge to the Purchaser. Intilop will not accept any FPGA board for repair/replacement where the Purchaser has already tried to repair it themselves or tampered with it.

If the request for support falls outside the respective time windows listed above then support will be provided under the purchased service maintenance contract otherwise such additional consulting would be provided at a negotiated NRE cost to the purchaser.