Network Security

Cutting Edge Technology Custom Solution developer/provider:

A pioneer in developing high value silicon IPs and integrating them in complex SOC-FPGAs for Deep packet inspection at Multi-Giga bit sustained line rate.

In order to assure greater accuracy in Network security, it requires accelerated wire speed deep packet inspection and highly intelligent information processing and critical decision making in real time!

  • The critical functions and elements are traditionally implemented in software and can not meet today’s real-time performance requirements.
  • The prevalent Network security appliances implement security functions in software with some hardware assist!
  • Memory copies, Buffer allocation by software takes long time for real-time processing.
  • OS bottlenecks, driver bottlenecks common place.

  • To help our customers shift this paradigm and meet this pressing need, intilop developed several critical blocks that perform all time-sensitive functions in hardware and meet Multi-Giga Bit sustained line rate performance requirements.

How can we help you also?

The team at intilop helped well respected Networking OEM customers and developed the cutting edge most innovative technology products: a new class of IDS/IPS/content Protection Network Security appliances utilizing their IPs, expertise and customers’ original product ideas.

This first of its kind advanced technology appliances implemented the best of high value expertise in: Network Security, developing custom silicon IPs e.g. document inspection, zip file inspection, pdf file inspection, standard silicon IPs, complex multi-million gate SOC development, high speed complex board design, custom embedded real-time firmware development and several security management software module development.

The ‘disruptive technology’ appliances are changing the Network Security paradigm and raising the bar for functionality and price/performance.



"We think it was an excellent choice to sign up intilop as a strategic partner, IP developer/provider for our Structured ASIC and SoC customers, their broad experience in Networking and Network Security combined with experience in SOC/ASIC front-end design brings a lot of value to us."
- Chris Moezzi, VP, Business Development