“We think it was an excellent choice to sign up intilop as a strategic partner, IP developer/provider for our Structured ASIC and SoC customers, their broad experience in Networking and Network Security combined with experience in SOC/ASIC front-end design brings a lot of value to us”
- Chris Moezzi, VP, Business Development
“Chip Express needed to broaden their services and products offerings for our customers, Intilop’s experience in structured ASICs and system design helped us fulfill that gap for our customer projects. Our customers enjoyed value add in some critical areas of the ASIC development project"
- Gus Armani. Director, Engineering Services
"In highly competitive markets, it is critical to provide our customers with feature-rich solutions that keep pace with industry demand, the performance of the Intilops’ IP cores and experience in SOC designs enabled us to rapidly design and deliver a range of advanced SoCs for interactive broadband."
- D Wetman GM, networking, Ikanos
Intilop has been a long standing Xilinx expert partner who consistently delivers leading edge designs and rapid design cycles for our OEM customers.
-Xilinx, Strategic Marketing
"Ixia has set out to be the world's leading wireless all-in-one hand held device company and intilop has helped us to achieve a faster time-to-market at a lower total cost than hiring a full in-house engineering team. They have a wide breadth of design capabilities, sound methodologies, and great relationships with our other key vendors. Intilop has taken the pain out of new product development and introduction."
- Dan Conally, VP engineering
"Intilop recently helped us to complete a complex design. The combination of Intilop’s design experience with DSPs, Processors, FPGA's, embedded software and our engineering and design expertise with Analog-to-Digital Converters created a very useful validation, test and characterization solution for one of our new series of communication solutions. It is fun working with Intilop. They met all our expectations."
- George Haubner, WW Strategic Marketing & Product Definition, Texas Instruments Inc. Tucson
"LeapFrog has benefited greatly from its strategic decision to outsource engineering services. We went with Intilop because they had the full range of hardware and software design services under one roof. Intilop's team has the depth and management skills to handle our most mission-critical projects."
- David Conroy, VP Software, LeapFrog
"We are thrilled to have Intilop as a design partner. Their reputation is well known and we are counting on their services to accelerate the complex hardware and software systems designs our clients require."
- Craig Lytle, VP, IP Business Unit, A.I. Corporation
"Intilop blew away our expectations and delivered a better product, in less time, than we even considered possible. We have engaged Intilop many times since and they consistently exceed our expectations. Intilop has become a preferred vendor and a trusted partner for all of our IP core integration projects."
- Dave Ichihiro, Applications Manager, NetLogic Microsystems

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