Another Industry first: Intilop Partners with IBM in Extreme Networking to deliver one thousand TCP & UDP connections on IBM?s Big Data servers using intel/Xilinx Programmable Solutions for high availability application performance - A 2U Accelerated Server

The 111h generation TCP Accelerator delivers an unprecedented number of 1K+ TCP/UDP Connections in ~300 nanoseconds with sustained ~10G bps throughput, providing up to 5x advantage over the legacy Software-TCP-Stacks, The only computing platform capable of instantly distributing, jitter free, running applications across thousands of multiple clients/servers simultaneously.

Milpitas, CA., Jan 12th, 2022  -Intilop, Inc., a pioneer, most respected and recognized leader in providing Hyper-Performance and Ultra-Low latency Complex Networking Protocol Accelerators, Mega IP Cores, Systems/Solutions since 2009, announces their Enhanced 10G bit 1K+ concurrent-TCP&UDP Connection Accelerator with Kernel-Bypass Linux drivers for Intel/Xilinx FPGA boards. The system with TCP-Accelerator delivers ~95% of ~10Gbps per port bandwidth across all 1K simultaneous connections or active TCP Sessions which is 5 times more than a typical server. The appliance can also be made available with RoCE protocol. It is the ideal solution for thousands of clients trying to access data center/cloud computing resources simultaneously.

It fits in to the IBM’s intentions to penetrate more into big data, commercial cloud, and HPC markets, it is a brand new product line not just the next generation of an existing product lineup and it’s optimized for cloud, big data, cloud servers and HPC workloads across distributed clients over a large network infrastructure.
There are three configurations:. A high socket server (with up to 1024 connections) with lots of memory and lots of hard disks/SSD designed for big data; a second server (with up to 256 simultaneous Connections) designed for enterprise workloads, things like PostgreSQL, and the third (with up to 32/64 Connections) for HPC. The entire x86 server market is the target.
The self-contained Linux white-box provides networking OEMs Ultra-low-latency/Hyper-performance who have to instantly transfer multi-Giga/Tera bytes of Data-files across simultaneous multiple users on large networks. It solves a common problem in legacy Networked systems where application availability is slow & sporadic
However, workers, especially working from home, face unique issues such as poor network stability, saturated local connections, and unpredictable and slow application performance. In addition, network latency and security become even bigger problems to solve as data moves back and forth between local networks, corporate networks, and the cloud.
For Example In healthcare use cases, when caring for patients, every second counts. Immediate access to crucial data can mean more accurate and potentially lifesaving healthcare diagnoses or procedures. Reducing latency, which can improve speed of access to information and enable better application performance, has emerged as a key driver for hospitals and healthcare systems to deliver real-time Edge computing performance
Available in Intel and Xilinx FPGA based platforms. Now these bottlenecks are the thing of the past, Specifically, this TCP/UDP Accelerator utilizes massively parallel processing power of FPGAs, is targeted towards the next generation of Cloud Computing, Data Center, Network Security, Telecomm and all other Hyper-Performance Network Computing server appliances in Military/government and private enterprises. The Full TCP Offload core utilized runs without any CPU involvement saving tremendous amount of power and CPU processing cycles. The TCP connections maintain the same high throughput and low latency regardless of number of simultaneous connections in progress. This is a vast difference compared with other leading TCP Accelerator ASICs on various NICs that implement partial TCP-Offloads and suffer major performance degradation when handling just 10-20 simultaneous TCP Sessions/Clients. The unprecedented TCP throughput is up to 8x higher as compared to TCP/IP software running on typical host CPU/NIC. The current white box version has single Xeon CPU+32 GB DDR-motherboard (upgradable with Multiple CPUs and cores and lot more memory).
Previous 9 generations of Full TCP/UDP-Accelerators provide up-to 256 Simultaneous TCP Connections delivering line rate performance at 100 ns TCP processing time and have been available on most Intel/Xilinx FPGA boards/platforms.
As a pioneer, Intilop was the first company to deliver a series of Full TCP Offload Accelerators on FPGAs in 2009. Their sub 100 ns latency MAC+TOE&UOE are considered a ‘Gold Standard’ by the industry experts. The highly deterministic performance, zero jitter, utmost reliability and interoperability with so many other TCP software stacks on the other side, coupled with customizability is truly unprecedented.
The Series of TOE/UOE IP Cores implementing 16K, 8K, 1K, 256 and 32 Concurrent TCP/UDP Sessions is available at:
About Intilop: Intilop is a developer, provider, a recognized leader and pioneer in advanced networking silicon IP and system solutions, custom hardware solutions, SoC/ASIC/FPGA integrator and total system solutions provider for Networking, Network Security, storage and Embedded Systems.


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