Intilop Management Team

The executive team and the key members of the staff have hadextensive experience in executive management and technical management with many of the highlyrespected high-tech companies in USA and around the globe including: Cisco, Lucent, Northern Telecom, HP, Intel, GE,Burroughs, Unisys, Ford Aerospace, Loral/Lockheed Martin, NEC, Fujitsu, Network Peripherals, Silicon Graphic, McAfee and few other startups. Some of the startups were acquired or went public e.g. Cerent communications, Jasmin Networks, Daisy Systems, Sun Micro systems.


Prior to intilop, the technical executives did hands on development of several leading edge computing systems, ASICs, SOCs complex FPGAs in the application areas that include: Network Security Appliance content inspection/signature analysis, Network Traffic Management Processors, Multi-Media Networking, Video Imaging Processor,routers, Ethernet Switches, Fast-Ethernet switches and hubs, FDDI Network Interface cards, Next Generation Network infrastructure design/planning,several multi-processing hardware boards, Multi-Channel 3D graphics and Imaging subsystems capable of processing at very high frame rates and Ultra-high resolution (2K x 2.5 pixels)


The Staff members have Phd, MS and BS degrees in Electrical Engineering, Nuclear engineering, Computer Science, Business and management.


They hold patents with scores of claims in each patent.

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